About Alana House

My history

After spending 20 years in the magazine industry, working on titles ranging from Woman’s Day to Harper’s Bazaar, I fell in love with digital publishing in 2013. It’s kept me captivated ever since. I enjoy the immediacy of the medium and helping small businesses make the most of their budgets, by providing outcomes that are delivered on time and within scope. Whether you need help with content creation, editing or even creating basic websites to start or refresh your digital journey, HotHouse Communications can lend a hand.

If you’re in the food, drinks or travel sector, HotHouse also has two websites where we can collaborate on projects. Check them out at www.drinksdigest.com and www.thethirstytravellers.com

Here’s a little more detail on my experience … I’m a communications specialist with a successful track record of innovation and consistently generating strong organic growth. My core strengths include:

  1. Excellent news sense across both mass and niche media
  2. Working to tight timeframes
  3. Strategic management of internal/external relationships
  4. Robust research skills and ability to simplify complex information
  5. Strong writing skills across internal and external communications, digital and print publications and marketing collateral creation
  6. High-volume content creation for channels ranging from blogs to websites and social media

Major achievements

Web Editor/drinkstrade.com.au: I organically increased weekly UA traffic on the site by more than 500% in less than two years; and grew weekly electronic newsletter click-through rate to 40-50%.

Digital content editor/escape.com.au: I created consistently engaging, viral travel list & celebrity content, with posts attracting 200,000+ clicks.

Web editor/Mamamia: I increased iVillage.com.au PIs by 700% year-on-year, and UBs by 55%.

Book editor: I created ‘The ABC of Kid’s Cooking’ for ACP Publishing, which generated more than $500,000 in pure profit. I’ve also edited ‘This is Me’ by Julie Adams and Georgie Abay – featuring portraits celebrating women’s natural beauty; and ‘Light the Way’ by Louise Telford and Kelley Abbey – celebrating some of Australia’s most successful dancers.

Magazine editor/ACP Magazines: I doubled circulation of Singapore CLEO within a year and took Woman’s Day’s circulation to 530,000 per week.

Website content creation: My clients include iEntrust, Cameron Recruitment, CPR Painting and Secure Parking, with briefs ranging from full website development to content editing.

Let’s talk about how I can shift the dial for you.